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By 2022, senior officials of the Duterte administration promise that roads, bridges, skyways, and rapid mass transport systems will rise and connect the 7,000-plus islands of the Philippines.

The full bundle consists of 57 mostly infrastructure projects that the current government plans to implement, courtesy of money pledged by minted friends like China and Japan.

For the most part, I get very modest token gifts that are really just there to say “thanks” for providing me with food the rest of the year… I may have 100-150 wrapped presents for folks ranging from the rice guy, water delivery person, security guards, etc.At any rate, it’s not the value but the thought that counts… First stop is a store called Commoners’ Commercial.A tiny storefront on 725 Ilaya Street, just off Juan Luna, this is the motherload of food packaging material.In a region of 20 million inhabitants, you'd better believe there's a lot to do in Manila, and here's just a sample.

See the links below for more, or ask one of Manila's friendly residents; chances are, they will speak English.Rizal Park - Sometimes referred to by locals by its original name, Luneta Park, it is named for a 19 century patriot; tour the gardens and fountains, see the light-and-sound show, or get a taste of native cuisine at one of the many food kiosks. Malacanang Palace - Built in the 1700's, the palace is the official residence of the President of the Philippines; you can tour some of this great complex and view the museum of presidential memorabilia.