Deadmau5 dating kat

12-Sep-2017 21:47

Even when he gets you a ring with black diamonds and skulls on it? You know, sit down with her, maybe say something along the lines of, “Hey girl, you know that really great feeling you get when you first start dating someone and everything's going great and you want to spend all your time with them?

Yeah, that's just lust and pheromones, you gotta power through that to the reality on the other side, where the lights are on and you can actually see what you're getting into.

This would be Kat Von D's second marriage, though she was engaged twice to Jesse James at different times in 2011.

Well for random EDM News, it is official that Deadmau5 is dating Tattoo Artist, Kat Von D.

Musician Hookups & Breakups | Kat's Celeb Tattoo Tour The couple isn't a stranger to public declarations of love or splits.

In November, Kat Von D and Deadmau5 -- who began dating in September -- took to Twitter to announce their separation, which ended up being shortlived.

Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D has always been very demonstrative with her relationships.

At first, everybody was stunned because they dressed Kat Von D up so well, wearing Deadmau5's T-shirt that he always wears and the Mau5 head and everyone already thinks it’s him.

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