Hot buttons dating edition the hot buttons series

12-Sep-2017 06:10

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Before you can communicate what you want, you must know what you want.

To have the relationship you want, you must know how you expect that relationship to be defined.

Following four successful books in the uniquely packaged Hot Buttons Series, author, mom, and broadcaster, Nicole O'Dell now debuts another book on one of the most prevalent issues in the lives of today's teens: image.

Parents can reach for this quick-reference resource to create healthy conversations with their teens about self esteem, piercings and tattoos, eating disorders, and trash talk.

You might also consider what you’re not willing to accept in a relationship.

Some deal-breakers might be Even after establishing what you and your partner want out of the relationship, you may still discover the need to iron out an understanding in key areas.

Two very important elements of that influence are the issues of image and bullying.One definition of a healthy relationship might be a union involving people who have a common vision that they communicate openly and strengthen daily.You might also expect your relationship to include mutual love and respect, a desire to grow together and support each other, the enjoyment of each other’s company, compatible lifestyles, shared responsibility, and a willingness to work through issues as they arise and allow space where it’s needed.I personally think some do this because they are afraid they won't be able to answer their children questions regarding sex.

Why not at least education our children, and even if your children ask you something you don't know, then tell be honest and tell them I will find out answer and explain it to you.Nicole's creative strategic scenarios, discussion questions, and Bible studies have and will continue to equip parents to proactively prepare their tweens and teens to respond to challenges with courage and grace.