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02-Feb-2018 03:31

I am trying to get the Bootstrap Datepicker to work. I've edited it and it should work now The last thing I can think of: look at your editor template, in the textbox value you seem to override the display format that you set in the model. I followed instructions from these sources: How to add Date Picker Bootstrap 3 on MVC 5 project using the Razor engine?

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The problem is now that validation says that the date format is wrong. EDIT #3: This is the HTML code for the Date field that I get I see in IE F12: The scripts that are loaded on the page are: jquery-2.1.4.js, bootstrap.js, bootstrap-datepicker.js, Date Picker Ready.js, respond.js, jquery.validate.js, jquery.validate.EDIT #4: I now use this in Date Picker Ready.js: Every attribute works, but the 'de-DE' does not seem to do a thing.

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