Updating address for voter registration

18-Jan-2018 14:57

Verification Process After a voter application/update has been processed, a voter verification card will be mailed to the voter indicating correct precinct and polling place location.Changing Party Affiliation - deadline is 25 days before the election.For instance, if you live in California and move within the same county, no further action is required on your part.However, you will need to re-register your voter information if you change your name, political party, or move to a new county.If the voter does not choose to use the above application, the voter may also submit, in writing, any address change within the county to their local county election commission office.The request must be signed and received no later than five (5) days before the election in order to process the change.

You can register to vote through the county Board of Elections in person or by mail. You can also register to vote at your local Ohio BMV office when you go in for any driver's license/ID card transactions, including: You'll need to complete and submit a Voter Registration and Information Update Form.You may be asked to show identification which shows your name and current address.