Updating firmware on unlocked iphone

05-Feb-2018 18:38

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About a week ago, I posted a tutorial on how to build custom untethered jailbroken i OS 5.1.1 firmware using sn0wbreeze 2.9.5.

Since sn0wbreeze is only available for Windows, Mac users might be a little left out. Turn off 3G and cell data (you can turn these on later).

NOTE: You could now use the guide given here instead of this.1. Install the Ultrasn0w 1.1-1 app to unlock i Phone 3GS 4.1 firmware.9.

Jailbreak i Phone 3GS on i OS 4.1 using the guide given here.2.

Now follow the on screen instructions carefully, it is ok to miss those on the first try.

Click back and try again [The 3 steps should as prompted should be done in the time shown on redsn0w]. You will see some images on the i Phone which means it is jailbreaking, unlocking and activating your i Phone 2G!

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The Dev Team had immediately warned i Phone 3G users after i Phone firmware 2.2 was released: They released Pwnage Tool 2.2, Quick Pwn 2.2 for Mac & Quick Pwn 2.2 for Windows for i Phone Firmware 2.2 the following day along with detailed instructions.

Original i Phones (metal back, silver color, referred to as 2G i Phone) are blessed with a fully unlockable baseband _G. So lets get the ball rolling and get to the latest 3.1.3 firmware with a full unlock, jailbreak and activation in place!