Validating ssn

28-Sep-2017 13:16

We can work with you to determine which Verity services are the right fit for your specific business needs. How many times when setting up a site and you want to load a bunch of users into your site?I’ll divide these into smaller posts discussing one regular expression per post to keep it simple for the readers.In today’s post I’ll show you how to use Java Script regular expression to validate Social Security number. The argument to this method is the social security number you want to validate.Not only did so many people read this post, many more visited my blog searching for other regular expressions.

SSN Randomization will also extend the longevity of the nine-digit SSN nationwide.

Examples: Following SSNs will pass validation : 33, 234908908; 239-586767; 73467-8790 The method will return false for following SSNs.

Verity SSN provides some of the highest levels of identity validation available in the industry – perfect when you need to fulfill cash rewards, allow access to secure areas, or administer surveys that contain sensitive subject matters.

The reported information is matched against external databases, and if the processed record is valid, we will return a V-score of 6.

V-Score is our proprietary scoring system, which measures the level to which it is appropriate to ACCEPT or REJECT individuals based on how closely self-reported data match third-party records.

The SSA began assigning the nine-digit SSN in 1936 for the purpose of tracking workers' earnings over the course of their lifetimes to pay benefits.

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